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Facts About Toe Nail Fungus You Should Know

When it comes to infections, the feet are always at risk since they do work a lot and are exposed to different kinds of things. Toenail fungus is a kind of infection that affects a majority of the people especially those aging due to their weakening immune system. It is an infection that gets into the skin through cracks in the nails that could cause nail discoloration or thicken them. Fungus do thrive well in moist and warm conditions that are mostly found in the feet when one wears shoes making it conducive for them. Toenail fungus can quickly spread to other parts of the feet and fingernails when they are not treated adequately and on time. The condition could be unattractive and unpleasant and thus one ought to do something about it. Having discolored nails, thickened toes, cracking and breaking nails could be indications that you have the toenail fungus infection.

The condition is often found in men than women, diabetic individuals and those that smoke due to their weak immune system. Individuals infected with athlete’s foot, the heavy sweaters and those aging do have a higher chance of being infected with toenail fungus. It is essential that one consults a doctor for diagnosis since toenail fungus can resemble other conditions that affect the feet. The doctor will then prescribe a necessary treatment according to the fungus and the state of the infection. The treatment available for toenail fungus includes creams, nail lacquer, prescription pill, and laser treatment and in worse conditions, the nail is eradicated. The other effect the infection has is that it can detach the nail from its foundation. The fungus do come in various forms and infects the toe differently; distal subungual is an example of the fungus that affects the nail bed and skin at the same time. The white superficial on the other hand only affects the surface of the nail and not the bed thus making it easy to treat. The infection starts once your nail gets in contact with the fungus and then grows from there.

When considering having a pedicure, it is essential that you look out for a salon that is hygienic since this is one place that you can get infected. One way of handling the situation effectively is by seeking treatment the moment symptoms of toenail fungus prophases themselves. There are some non-medical treatments that people have come up with that you can use them to care for your infection. It is also vital to take some preventive measures like wearing fitting shoes, keep the nails trimmed, not to share socks and shoes and to avoid wearing dump clothing on the foot.

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