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The Outstanding Types of Bridge Designs

In most parts of the world, bridges are common structures, and they perform the vital role of linking places that were once deemed inaccessible. A bridge makes it easy to traverse a landscape that was impassable initially and it also significantly reduces traveling distances. For instance, a bridge can be built over a river so that people can between the two lands with ease. Are you aware of the various designs of bridges and how they are built? This article discusses the various types of bridges available, and you can learn lots of info.

The arch-shaped bridge design. As their name suggests, these bridges are curved like an arch. You will find this bridge in most places because it is among the first and oldest designs of bridges in the world. Their use and essence in the modern world cannot be underestimated even though they are old designs. The most common materials for constructing arch bridges are steel and concrete, but in some cases, stones might work.

The cable-stayed bridge design. The cable-stayed bridges do not only perform the role of connecting places, but they are also splendid structures that add to the beauty of a place. It is a superstructure that gets the attention of people. It has cables supporting the roadway to the towers. The cables hold the roadway as if it is hanging and attach to the towers for support. This bridge uses fan and harp cables for support.

The utility bridge design. The utility bridge is an example of a temporary bridge. It is designed for use in a situation where there is ongoing work at a place that is not easily accessible. They come in handy when undertaking a task in places that are not easily reachable. Lots of info about utility bridge is available on the internet, and you can learn about its construction and materials to use.

The suspension bridge design. These kinds of bridges are a landmark in places they are. It might appear as a simple suspending bridge, but it entails a lot of techniques to construct. They are suitable for connecting an expansive area. It consists of strong pillars that support the roadway using cables, ropes or chains.

The beam bridge design. The beam bridge is not as complicated as other designs seem to be. It is a straight bridge constructed using beams. It is also one of the oldest bridge designs, and in the old days, it was constructed using wooden beams.

The pontoon bridge design. Maybe this is not as popular as other bridge types. It is on water and floats with the help of boats or floats. The bridge is designed for light uses by pedestrians and light motor vehicle.