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Five Tips To Stop Puppy Biting

If one has just bought a new puppy, sometimes they happen to bite and back as they are in a new place where it can’t see the people who it is familiar with. The puppy can end up biting thinking that it is playing and you end up bleeding. Make sure that children do not stay near the puppy the best thing is to keep it in its cage. Here are a few things that will assist you to stop puppy biting.

The worst thing to do to a new puppy in your home is scarring it . Whenever you try harming it the puppy might become wild. The best thing to do is whenever it bites to try and tells it to stop and move the item away from it. You should not show it that you are friendly, but it just has to stop whatever it is doing. The puppy will know that it has wronged you.

Don’t make the puppy think that all the time it’s all about biting as that will make it keep biting. The puppy will reduce the game and hence the biting as well.

Let the puppy be coached so that it can behave the right way. The puppy trainers know how to deal with the puppy. The new puppy will duplicate what it can see other puppies doing, and it will end up doing the same. The puppy will be informed of what is accepted and what is not. Therefore it will be able to relate with other puppies.

When you see the puppy wanting to bite someone or the furniture the best thing to do is to give it a toy that it can bite instead. They always like biting as they want to sharpen their teeth and make them secure. Always throw it its toy to play with it whenever it starts been aggressive as it can be harmful. The puppy will realize that it is doing a bad thing and that is why it has been given its toy instead.

In case the puppy bites you make it realize that you have felt pain and don’t hang out with it . It will know that it is terrible to bite. The puppy will see that you are sad, and you don’t want to stay with it. Once you allow the puppy to bite you once in a while, then it will always feel nice been around you. Let it bite you at times when it is playing, but it shouldn’t be painful. The puppy will know with time not to bite too hard. Making it sometimes bite the toys is a good thing as it will be practicing its skills that will help keep your home safe.

The Best Advice About Care I’ve Ever Written

The Best Advice About Care I’ve Ever Written